Credit Repair Service

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Credit Repair Service

Credit Repair Service


Recent studies have shown that millions of Americans have inaccurate information on their credit reports.  Up to 70% of all credit reports have inaccurate information.  This translates to lower credit scores, higher credit card interest rates, and many people being declined for loans. This is why many people turn to a credit repair service.


A Credit Repair Service is a program in which the inaccurate information is disputed with the credit bureaus and removed from the credit reports.  This helps to improve the credit score and allow people to move on with their life and get the home, car, or loan they need. 


At CRE Credit Services we have the top ranked Credit Repair Service in the country specializing on the removal of late payments, collection accounts, bankruptcies, repossessions, tax liens, and identity theft.  After our 6-month Credit Repair Service program, many clients have been known to see credit score increases of 150 points or more.  We also have partnerships with mortgage lenders around the country so that upon completion of the program our clients can easily get approved for a home loan.


If you have inaccuracies on your credit reports or have recently been denied a loan because of poor credit, you are probably in need of Credit Repair Service.  For a free credit consultation, call CRE Credit Services at (888) 799-7267.  During the free consultation, our credit experts will pull a copy of each of your 3 credit reports and devise a plan specifically based on your situation.  Once you are enrolled the program you will have access to credit and finance education materials, a top customer service team to answer any questions, and an online portal you view at any time to track you progress.

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