Important Tips

So a friend or relative just called you and told you they’re in trouble. They might have been arrested on a DUI charge or maybe as a result of a more serious accusation. Regardless of what the problem is, you might be the only person who can help them out. The problem is, the bail amount is quite steep, and you simply can’t gain access to that amount of money at such short notice. What do you do?


Most experts will say the best course of action would be to contact a cheap bail bonds Denver CO bondsman. However, while this might be true, there are also a few important aspects to take note of here.


First, you have to gather some information. Make sure you ask the person in custody where they are, and ask them to include the name of the jail, as well as the state and the city where they are located.


The full name and the booking number of the person will also be required. The bail bondsman will need to know this information before they contact the jail. Alternatively, the bail agent might be able to learn the booking number, if you don’t have it.


Finally, make sure you specify the exact bail amount. They will then be able to issue the bond and ensure that the process will be completed as quickly as possible.